R KEM II Chemical Anchor
R KER II Chemical Anchor
Resin Dispensing Guns
Anchor Bolts
Drop In Anchors
Wedge Anchors
Sleeve Anchors
Shield Anchors
Throughbolt Anchors
Drop In Anchor Tool
Eye Bolt Shield Anchors
Hook Bolt Shield Anchors
Hook Bolt Sleeve Anchors
Hook Expansion Anchors
Eye Bolt Sleeve Anchors
Hex Head Flange Anchors
Nail In Anchors
Nylon Wall Plugs


Mining | Industrial (Metric and Imperial) | Automotive

Grade 4.6, 4.8, 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9

Brass | Stainless Steel 304, 316 | Plain | Galvanised

Threaded Rods
Engineering Studs
Exhaust Manifold Studs
Hot Dipped Galvanised
Hex Head
Hex Head High Tensile
High Tensile Propshaft
Heax Head Stainless Steel
Hex XOX Zinc PLated
Mushroom Head Square Neck
Cup Square
Coned Wheel Lug
Countersink Square Head
Banjo Bolts
Countersink Nib
Wheel Stud
Plough Bolts
Wheel Bolts
Sump Plug
Lockbolts (Huck)
Shoulder Bolt
Galvanised Eye Bolts
Gutter Bolts
Stainless Steel Hook Bolts
Roof Hook Bolt & Washer
Rubber Mounts
Mild Steel U-Bolts
Zinc Plated U-Bolts


Hex Head Fine Screws
Hex Head Screws
Brass Hex Head Set
Hex Head Fine Set Screws
Button Head Cap
Cap Screws
Cheesehead Slotted Machine
Countersink Slotted Head
Countersink Cap Screws
Countersink Pozi Machine Screws
Countersink Pozi Screws
Countersink Slotted Machine Screws
Cup Point Grub Screws
Flange Hex Head Screws
Hex Head Set Screws
Low Head Cap Screws
Panhead Combi Machine Screws
Panhead Slotted Machine Screws
Countersink Pozi Machine Screws
Reverse Thread Lock Screws
Panhead Pozi Machine Screws

Bushes | Pins

Clevis Pins
Steel Dowel Pins
Split Pins
Spring Dowel Pins

Clamps | Strapping | Ties

Norma Pipe Clamp
Gas Hose Clamps
Oetiker Hose Clamps
Parallel Hose Clamps
Wire Rope Clamps
Hose Clamps
Strapping Pliers
Strapping Clips
Steel Strapping
Steel Cable Ties
White Cable Ties
Black Cable Ties
Blue Cable Ties
Green Cable Ties
Red Cable Ties
Yellow Cable Ties

Nails | Staples

Galvanised Concrete Nails
Round Wire Nails
Fencing U-Nails
Panel Pins
Hammer Driving Roof Nails
Stapler Guns
A-Type 6-12mm Staples
G-Type 6-14mm Staples
J-Type Brad Nails


Flat Washers Galvanised
Flat Washers Stainless Steel
Flat Washers Aluminium
Flat Washers Brass
Flat Washers Bright
Flat Washers Copper
Black Cut Washers
Flat Washers Form B St/Steel
Flat Washers HDG
Flat Washers Mild Steel
Fender Washers Zinc Plated
Dacromet Washers
Dowty Washers
Fibre Washers
External Tooth Lockwasher
Internal Tooth Lockwasher
Spring Washers
Square Plate Washers
Starlock Push On Washers
Taper Washers
Through Hardened Washers
U-Type Clips
Bonded Washers Zinc


Cage Nut SDG
Eye-bolts and Nuts
Hex Castle Nuts
Hex Cleveloc Self Locking Nuts
Hex Coned Wheel Lug Nuts
Hex Coupling Nut
Hex Dome Nuts
Hex Flange Nut Copper
Hex Flange Nut
Hex Half Lock Nuts
Hex Nuts Brass
Hex Nuts BSW
Hex Nuts HDG
Hex Nuts ZP, SDG & SS
Hex Nyloc Nut
Hex Serrated Edge Flange Nuts
Hex Thread Nuts Left-handed SS
T-Nuts Stainless Steel
Type B Wheel Nuts Long
Wing Nuts


Countersunk Pozi Chipboard
Dry Wall Toggle Anchor Bolt
Flat Head Square Drive Screws
Gutter Bolts and Nuts
Hex Head S/D Screws +Washers
Hex Head Wafer Tek Screws
HP Nylon Frame Fixing Anchor
Nail In Anchors
Nylon Wall plugs
O-Ring Packs
Panel Pins
Roofing Nails +Washers
Roofing Screws ISO1479
S/D Truss Head Screws
S/D Wafer Head Tek Screws
Steel Nails
Steel Wood Screws
Timbermate Screws

Rivets | Clips

Countersink Pop Rivets
Large Flange Pop Rivets
Truss Heat Rivets
Flat Head Rivets
Snap Head Rivets
Riv Nuts
Antiluce Bolt
Bonnet Pin Snap Clip
R Clips
Rubber Bonnet Fasteners
Terry Clips


Assorted Spring Sets
Compression Springs
Tension Springs
Heavy Duty Trampoline Springs

Wood Screws

Chipboard Countersunk Pozi
Chipboard Countersunk Type 17
Chipboard Square Drive
Drywall SDS Countersunk
Countersunk Decking
Particle Board Countersunk Pozi
Confirmat Screws
Self-Tap Countersunk Pozi
Self-Tap Countersunk Slotted
Raised Slotted Countersunk
Countersunk Timbermate
Countersunk Wood Screw
Drywall Screw Fine & Coarse
Fender Screws
Hanger Bolts
Pozi Euro Zinc Plated
Self-Tap Hex Thunder Bolts
Hex Head Coach Screw
Self-Drill Hex Flange
Self-Drill Countersunk +Wings
Self-Drill Pan Head Phillips
Self-Drill Truss Head Tek
Self-Drill Wafer Head
Self-Drill Pan Combi
Self-Tap Type 17 Hex Flange
Self-Tap Pan Head
Self-Tap Mushroom Flange
Self-tap Roofing Top Speed
Self-Tap Pan Pozi
Self-Tap Pan Slotted
Mushroom Head Furniture
Mushroom Head Pozi
Chipboard Type 17 PoziDrive
Turbo-Drive Jet-in Wood Screws
Cross Barrel Dowel Nut
Connector Caps